Enjoying the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Singapore

Bouleavrd 10 Are you thinking where can you watch XXII Olympic Winter Games or 2014 Winter Olympics in Singapore? These days when the craze of Olympics can be seen everywhere, people are trying identify the alternatives where they can enjoy different matches. If you are one amongst them, who are looking forward to perfect alternative of watching the games with experience of watching live at the stadium, then sports bars are the destination for you.

Sports bars in Singapore promises beautiful experience, which is as good as the on-field action promises to be. With enormous arrangements & facilities, these bars prove to be good venue and give a feel as if you are watching it directly live.

Have a look at certain highlights of top most sports bars in Singapore to get into the sporty mood:

  • Shows live matches:

You do not have to feel bad for missing the winter Olympics games. You can enjoy your favorite game, without compromising with the field-like experience, at the sports bars. You can enjoy the games live at the bar, as different time out sports bars telecast them live at their restaurant bar.

  • Big screens & excellent sound system:

To make sure that you get the best experience, the management at the ba

r has made proper arrangements for watching the 2014 winter Olympics at the sports bars in Singapore. Not just several big screens, but the sound system is also amazing. The complete arrangement gives field like feel to enjoy the games.

    • Happy hours & special drink deals:blvd13


The bars have maintained their standards in serving food & drinks. At several venues to enjoy sports, you can notice different offers, out of which extended happy hours & special drink deals in common. You can enjoy the delicious serving and taste the best drinks at the bar along with enjoying your favorite game.

These are few out of countless good points about sports bars in Singapore. So, what’s the wait for? Hurry up and rush to your favorite or most popular sports bar in Singapore.

How to enjoy the nightlife in Singapore

ImageWhen you go on a vacation, you would want to enjoy each and every moment to the fullest. You would want to drink to glory, shake a leg to the most vibrant tunes and go to bed after enjoying to the max. Singapore provides you with all the fun you want in the world. There are amazing places in the country where you can mix with a huge crowd and enjoy a gala time. If you are new to the country, you might not be aware of the fantastic nightlife in Singapore. Once you stay for a couple of days, you will be able to understand the scope for fun available in this Asian country. Here are some of the best ways to enjoy nightlife in the country.

The whiskey bars

The whisky bars in Singapore are places where the fun never stops. You can enjoy top class drinks in the whisky bars. You will be able to spend a fabulous night when you visit a good bar with your friends. The ambience provided at most of the bars is excellent. The lighting and arrangement of furniture are carefully done to provide you with a cozy atmosphere. You will also be able to enjoy a tasty meal at the bars in the country. When you add ice cubes to a glass of whisky with soft music playing in the background, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the city if you are at a seaside bar. The lights in the ships halted in the port and that of the huge buildings will definitely be a treat to your eyes.

The electrifying pubs

There are plenty of pubs in the country where you get to enjoy with a huge lot of people. You will be able to dance all night to the tune of popular artists and make merry with a bunch of friends. You can even make new friends when you visit the most happening pubs in the country. The youngsters spend their time in these pubs and you will be able to enjoy the most modern tracks here. You will also be able to enjoy the fun created by popular DJs. The drinks served here are also excellent enough to provide you with a fun night. You will be able to dance and dance till you are tired. Not a minute spend here will you regret, for the fun offered in these electrifying


 pubs is simply amazing. If you are visiting Singapore, you should definitely include the most popular pubs in the city on your list of most important places to visit before you leave.

If you love partying, you should definitely search the web for night parties I the country. Depending on the date of your visit, you can easily get the tickets to the all night parties. Parties happen on a regular basis and hence you do not have to wait for special days to enjoy a night out partying in this country. The nightlife in Singapore bars at Marina Bay is amazing because of the parties happening here all through the year. By the time the sun sets in the country, the party time would just begin. You will be able to enjoy the dark hours of the night partying in this country.All night parties