What is the best recipe for Luncheon Spam Fries

Luncheon Spam FriesWhen you visit the best bar to watch sports in Singapore along with your friends, you would want to order beverages that will help create a jolly mood to enjoy the game and side dishes that will go well with the drinks. Luncheon spam fries are a fabulous choice during such situations. This delicacy goes well with all sorts of beverages including whisky, vodka and the splendid varieties of cocktails. You can also order it at the wine bars in Singapore when you are out with your better half to enjoy a romantic dinner date. Luncheon spam fries can also be ordered at the elegant restaurants in the country and is quite easy to try out at home too.

The key ingredients of this dish are one can of luncheon meat, a small quantity of peanut oil, 2 eggs, a tsp of pepper, a cup of extra virgin olive oil, 2 tbsp lemon juice, a couple of lime leaves, and a pinch of salt. Heat the oil in a pan and get the other ingredients ready in the meantime. Blend the eggs, lemon juice, and pepper in a processor. You should then add the olive oil through the sides in a slow pace. You should now slice the lime leaves and mix it well with mayonnaise. Chop the luncheon meat into thin slices, in the size of French fries and mix it with the ingredients that were blended well in the processor. Now deep fry it in peanut oil. If you want to make the dish spicy, adding chili flakes along will do the trick for you. The dish tastes best when it served hot. You should use the mayonnaise dip to enjoy the scrumptiousness to the core.

It is a fabulous snack which can be enjoyed while watching your favorite videos on a lazy Sunday afternoon. When you visit the places that serve good bar food in Singapore, you will definitely come across the Luncheon spam fries on the menu because it is an excellent side dish that is ordered by people along with whisky and other alcoholic beverages. You can also enjoy it in between your main meals along with your evening beverages.

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