Taking the Full Enjoyment of Nightlife in Singapore

boulevard9Singapore is really a frivolous place as night falls. The city is nicely lit up all through, and you will find a number of entertainment vistas to enjoy, eat, drink, dance and have fun. With exquisite buildings and shopping hubs, beautifully dressed people, exotic drinks, disco lights, pubs and bars there is never a dull moment. Nightlife in Singapore has a charm of its own, and there is much more to explore than what you can literally think of. With new reforms adopted, the island nation has opened its doors increasingly to the foreigners, and the city’s clubbers’ taste has been refined of late.

Now, it’s not only a question of visiting a bar to have fun with lights and music, today clubbing has become a brand, an experience that has made these bars and clubs to stand out and bear a name of their own. Hotspots, such as Clarke Quay have set up a huge example about how nightlife industry has reformed itself in recent years and presented a new aura of enjoyment to dazzle the crowds. The alluring and mystical theme of IndoChine promises an experience that has a feel of its own. If you want to inspire your entertainment with shows there is no dearth of best bar to watch sports and clubs where acts from Spain and other parts of Europe can amaze you with exciting sports events, dance and music performances. Two such clubs are Belini Grand and Azzuca.

Still at Clarke Quay, there are numerous spots that organize musical concerts, dances and plays of local as well as international level. You will be mesmerized with the whole assortment of genres and even originals. Pump Room, Jive Talking, Gotham Penthouse, Arena and Le Noir are few examples that present a vivid nightlife opportunity with concerto experience.

If your palette is craving for some amazing cocktails in a ritzy environment with lavish seats and plush music then there are numerous cocktail bars and clubs to impress you with their wide selection of revered drinks and themes that has been inspired from anything that catches your eye and soothes your temperament. Many of these bars and restaurants are also ideal spots to host corporate events. When you are at Singapore, you can have a blast and grip-on full nightlife revelry with massive complexes housing multiple clubs each having a different theme of its own and you can definitely find a place according to your taste whether you are looking for a party theme or a relaxing atmosphere.

Best ways to enjoy nightlife in Singapore

nightlife in Singapore.Singapore is a country that is fun day and night. During the day hours, you can spend your time visiting the beautiful parks, gardens and museums. During the dark hours, you can enjoy the night safari or visit the vibrant pubs and bars to have some real fun. Not all Asian countries provide such fabulous options during the nighttime. Once you explore the fun options available to enjoy in the country, you might hardly find time to spend in your hotel rooms. Here are some of the best ways to enjoy nightlife in Singapore.

Plan your sightseeing trips accordingly that you get a couple of free hours to rest during the evening time before dusk. This will help you to stay fresh to enjoy the amazing night activities available in the country. You can start off with a drink in one of the best bars in Singapore and then go on to explore the beautiful city. With the magnificent lights and the fabulous view you get to enjoy in the bay area, you are in for a treat if you visit the city centre. You might have a hard time tucking your cameras back in your bags because of the beautiful frames that you get to see at night during your stroll through the pavements.

There are night markets in the country where you can buy plenty of amazing stuff at attractive rates. You can also try out the local cuisine served in varying styles at the hawker stalls during the night hours. Some of the antiques and gift articles you get to see in the night markets will attract your eyes and force you to take out your wallets even if you had started off your exploration with no intention of buying any stuff. Chinatown and Little India are the best places to shop during the night hours.

If you love to party hard, the pubs in the country located in the bay area are the best options before you. There are also few pubs located in the Chinatown, Orchard road and all major tourist spots in the country that offer all night entrainment. If you visit the place during the weekends, you will be able to double the fun compared to normal days. Majority of the pubs offer special discounts to couples. The amazing varieties of cocktails and scrumptious side dishes found in the night menu at the popular bars and pubs in the country will provide you with all the fun that you wanted from the vacation trip. The DJs at the bars and pubs will set the right ambience required to make the night alive.

You should make arrangements for traveling back to your hotel rooms before you set out to enjoy nightlife in the country. This is not because it is hard to find a transport option during the late hours. If you have your own personal vehicle or book a cab in advance, you will be able to enjoy better rates. The taxis stationed next to the major pubs and bars in Singapore during the night hours often charge you hefty amounts. Once all the arrangements are made, you will be able to enjoy the nightlife in the country better.

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How to make corporate events interesting

Corporate eventsWhenever you conduct corporate events, you should try to use our creativity in order to make it memorable. An event that is attended by your important clients, customers and colleagues should stay in their minds for long. Only then will you be able to enjoy positive outcomes out of the event. Planning is the crucial part to do when you conduct a corporate event. You will have to take care of even the minute requirement during the function. You should consider all possible factors that are required in order to keep your guests happy. You should identify all the areas that might be easily flawed and come up with intelligent solutions to avoid them. Book a fabulous venue, arrange goof quality food and make sure that the guests are able to reach the place without any hassle. These are the basic factors that need to be done without fail. Here are few other interesting factors that you should consider in order to make the event extremely interesting.

Plan fun activities indoor

An event in which all of you gather together and talk about business related stuff alone would definitely be boring. You might be able to make your point in a precise manner and give your guests a good event to attend but there wouldn’t be anything special about the whole event. To make things better, plan fun activities during the function and ensure the participation of your guests. This will definitely help to ease the pressure and lighten the mood. Plan board games or group activities that can help you to bond better with your guests.

Take a tour of the city with the gang

You might have traveled around Singapore plenty of times in the past. It would however be quite different when you travel with your group of guests. If you are expecting people from foreign locations, you will be able to take them to the most beautiful places in the country and impress them. You will also be able to spend some quality time with your clients and customers when you take a tour of the city with your guests. Even if the event takes up the whole day, you should not cancel the plan. Since the nightlife in Singapore is amazing, you will be able to take your guests around and show them the true beauty of the country during the dark hours. Spend some beautiful moments close to the bay and at the gardens. It will make the corporate event memorable for sure.

Plan an informal get-together

If your guests are planning to stay back for a few more days, you should plan an informal get-together on a day after the event. If majority of the guests have other plans, you can plan the get-together on the same day of the event itself. Meet at the best bar to watch sports or music videos. You can also go and watch a movie with your guests. All these will help you to enjoy some personal moments with your clients and customers. When you do this, you will be able to build better business relationships for sure.

When you make the event different from the usual ones and add fun events, you will be able to make the corporate event interesting!

Famous Nightclubs and Bars in Singapore

nightlife in SingaporeAs the sun sets and the sky changes its hue, Singapore quickly metamorphoses itself into a pulsating entertainment hub. The executives, who were busy with business activities all day long, get into their casual clothing to indulge into the revelry of its stupendous nightlife in Singapore. The locals and tourists all seek their ways to pander to innumerable pubs, bars, restaurants and nightclubs to find their favorite hotspots to drink, dance or enjoy a relaxed time amidst some convivial company.

Many popular clubs are located at Mohammad Sultan and Clarke Quay and Crystal Pavilion. If you are on a look out for drinking and dancing away your time till sunrise, there are numerous places where you can melt away in party ambience on live DJ performances and mix of songs played through powerful PA systems. Here’s a list –

Zouk Nightclub

Located at 17 Jiak Kim Street, it is one of the most popular nightclubs of Singapore attracting local residents as well as international tourists. It is a 4-in-1 clubbing destination providing entertainment to clubbers of all age groups starting from 18 yrs of age. It houses four different clubs inside a complex viz. Velvel underground dance, Velvel Underground Lounge, Zouk and Phuture. The main dance hall, Zouk can host up to 1500 people at a time and is the precinct for trance, techno and house music. The drinks menu at the bar is excellent. The nightclub has seven in-house DJs and often hire international guest DJs from around the world. It is also a great place for corporate events, fashion shows, live performances and exhibitions.


Although there is no dearth of clubs and bars at Clarke Quay, Attica stands out as the most popular and happening. The club is reckoned for its excellent music and dance atmosphere, amazing cocktails, boisterous crowd and fun filled ambience. The club offers more drink choices and free dessert to ladies and is considered best for ladies night. On every Wednesday, the group of best dressed ladies is presented with a 750 ml martini bottle.


Perched at the three topmost floors of 282m high One Raffles Place building, 1-Altitude is the highest rooftop bar in Singapore. It is famous for its multi-faceted lifestyle experiences. It incorporates three distinct concepts – A sports bar called ‘282’ on the 61st level, a European restaurant known as ‘Stellar’ on the 62nd level and an alfresco gastrobar known as 1-Altitude Gallery & Bar on the 63rd level. The venue is famous among sports fans as the best bar to watch sports with large LCD screens and its own golf simulator. The restaurant, Stellar is known for its elegant cuisines of mouthwatering dishes and even greater for stunning outside views. Don’t forget to view the panoramic beauty of Singapore’s dazzling cityscape from the gallery on 63rd floor with extensive choice of wines and cocktails served amidst live performances of guest DJs.

Experience the Fun and Relaxation in Singapore Bars and Clubs.

nightlife in SingaporeDuring a typical night out in Singapore, many people choose night clubs for a crazy night, a lounge for relaxed conversation or a sports bar for a cheerful time. But how can someone spend a night drinking but in a slightly more sophisticated environment? By spending a night in the blues or jazz bars in Singapore. It is a great alternative to the usual nights and the live music is the featured aspect. It could be argued that these types are the best bars in Singapore.

In regards to the layout, large, comfortable chairs, dark lighting and great speakers are usually utilized. It allows for a calm environment where mingling is made easier and love for jazz and the blues is shared among one another. The interior design in most bars is stylish and modern and with well dressed and good serving bar tenders. Most bars are designed for indoors with one notable bar having an outdoor theme.

The musicians are the ones who make or break the place. The majority have incredible talent and are waiting to be discovered. The range of talent is slightly predictable depending on the bar that is attended – the snazzier bars will spend more on talent whereas a much more casual bar will spend less. All in all, good music will be offered in every blues or jazz bar you choose. While not an extremely upbeat place to spend an evening, these bars do contribute to the nightlife in Singapore, adding an alternate flavour to the choices available.

There are many notable bars throughout Singapore and if you are a tourist in the area and end up in one, always keep an open mind as there will be something done slightly different than your normal way.

How to make your trip to Singapore mind-blowing

nightlife in Singapore There are quite a lot of things that you can enjoy in Singapore. If you have never been to Singapore earlier, you should definitely plan for one soon. There are many travel operators who come up with budget-friendly tour packages to this beautiful Asian country and hence you won’t have to worry too much about your savings. Plan your dates well in advance. This will give you the time to choose the best fun options in the country. You can even make your plans after checking out the fabulous functions taking place in the country. Whenever I have traveled to Singapore I have enjoyed the party events in the country the maximum. Everything else is also good about the country but the parties happening all night long just make the place worth going again and again. I am writing this blog to help my readers enjoy the nightlife in Singapore to the maximum and thus make the trips mind-blowing.

Party nights

Every year plenty of parties are organized in Singapore. Sometimes, the major companies conduct such events and it might be restricted by an entry pass. Some of the events allow only private entries and others might charge you a fee for the same. You should try to choose the most happening events in order to enjoy to the core. There are many events that are attended by thousands of people from across the world. You will be able to dance to the numbers of top music bands when you attend these functions. Most of the party nights start by the evening hours. After work hours, you can directly visit the place and start having all the fun. Small events are also conducted at the whisky bars in Singapore where popular DJs make the atmosphere music-filled. There is no better thing to do than attend the wonderful parties happening in Singapore. The crowd is very vibrant in the country as you get to see people from all over the world.

Hot hangouts

You can also enjoy the nightlife in Singapore by visiting hot hangouts in the country. The nightlife in Singapore bars at Marina Bay will help you enjoy the most beautiful view of the city. The bay is really beautiful at night and since the nightlife of the country is quite active, plenty of people visit this place making it striking and safe. Since the place is elegant and whisky bars in Singaporebeautiful a good number of people are always present at the bars in the area. In order to keep up the numbers round the year the bars conduct events that are fabulous because of the food and drinks served and also because of the excellent music accompanied.

Make the Best of Asia’s Largest International Food and Hospitality Trade Event with Corporate Bars

ImageIt is time when corporate are into action and excited about Food & Hotel Asia event to be help in SINGAPORE. FHA is Asia’s largest international food and hospitality trade event featuring specialized shows in food & drinks, hotel, restaurant, bakery & foodservice equipment, and the FHA Culinary Challenge. With this, several business people have pulled up the socks and are prepared to seize the opportunity of expanding business networking. This is the time when different business prospects would visit Singapore and be a part of the corporate event, so corporate in Singapore has a gre

Well, what’s the wait for? Book a corporate bar in Singapore and be prepared to host a meeting. Here are few tips to make the meetings at corporate bar perfectly well: at chance to build new contacts. 

  • Plan the dates carefully. Make sure the day and time you choose does not clash with any other timing. 
  • Plan the venue properly. Make sure that it is convenient for all the invitees to reach there. To be on a safer side, think of a venue that is in the financial district. 
  • It is important that you send the invites properly. You should also spread the word in your organization, if you want your employees as well to be there. 
  • ImageBe prepared with all the arrangements. Make sure that you pre-book the corporate bar and get the arrangements done properly. Make sure that when you do this, you keep the purpose of event in mind and make according arrangements. You must also prepare the list of invitees to the event, as you will need that to plan for the arrangements as well.


Also, before the event or business meeting schedule, make a personal visit at the venue to check all the arrangements are done precisely.