What is a good Gangnam Kimchi Pork recipe?

Gangnam Kimchi Pork The availability of amazing varieties of cuisines is one of the major factors that make Singapore a popular tourist destination. You can order cuisines from all over the world during your visit to the island nation. You will be able to enjoy the most satisfying meals during your trip to the country enjoying all sorts of flavors. You will be able to order quite a lot of meat based delicacies cooked in different styles during your trip to Singapore. The Gangnan Kimchi Pork is one of the most tasty meat delicacies that are available in the country. This is a dish that is cooked in the traditional Korean style, and will help you enjoy your dinner like never before. It is also one of the major dishes served at the bars in cbd Singapore because it goes really well with whisky and cocktails. When you visit the sports bars in Singapore with your friends, Gangnam Kimchi Pork recipe is one of the best dishes to try out.

The major reason that makes the dish a standout is the way it is cooked. It is cooked using charcoals on the table and will provide you with the similar experience that you usually experience while ordering sizzlers. You will be able to enjoy the experience of getting it served on your table if you visit a fabulous Korean restaurant while setting out to enjoy the nightlife in Singapore. The dish is also quite unique because of the way the ingredients are mixed to provide a delectable flavor.

Garlic, ginger, chili powder, caster sugar, sesame oil, and pepper powder, 2tsp each are needed to prepare the dish. You also need about 500g pork which is sliced into small pieces. The ingredients are all mixed together in a bowl first. Small cuts are made on the pork pieces and then the mixed ingredients are applied on it. The marinated pork should not be used to prepare the dish immediately. You should refrigerate the pork for about 4 hours. Then the pork is cooked in a frying pan until it turns brown in color and then transferred to the serving plate.

Unique features of restaurants in Singapore

Restaurant bars in SingaporeVaried choice of food and drinks:

Restaurants in Singapore are known for providing hygienic food in an amiable environment with abundant comfort and at reasonable tariff or service charges. Perhaps that speaks of the unique features of the restaurants here. In addition to food, many of these restaurants also serve exclusive drinks. These Restaurant bars in Singapore provide exclusive varieties of drinks along with specialized Chinese and continental dishes. These restaurants offer exclusive Mexican or Caribbean, Asian, Arabic and various other varieties of food and drinks.

Wonderful interiors:

These restaurant bars have charming interiors so as to provide wonderful ambience to the atmosphere. These Best dining bars restaurants Singapore are provided with exclusively designed furniture, the walls are decorated with appropriate artifacts and the entire interior is appropriately illuminated so as to give you a wonderful experience. On the top of these, you enjoy the ever smiling hospitality of the staff of these bars and restaurants. The staff will greet you with a warm smile and guide to the appropriate table. After getting your choice of food, they serve you with a welcome drink. The waiters will always be available to you and they ensure that your privacy is not disturbed even in the least.

Variety of recipes:

Among the popular foods the bars Singapore also serve double cheese burger. Of course, double cheese burger is a wonderful recipe. According to nutrition experts’; double cheese burger with vegetables are good for health provided you also exercise at least for one hour every day. On the other hand they say double cheese burgers with meat, bacon, large fries, supersized soda and such other products are not good for health. Interestingly, the bars in Singapore provide you double cheese burger that are nutritious and less on trans fat and such other ingredients. However, before making your choice of double cheese burger you can also enquire about the contents of these burgers and that would enable you to choose the burger depending on your requirement. The bars and restaurants in Singapore are known for their economical tariffs. If you are a larger group then some of the restaurants and bars offer you discounts. Some of the restaurants and bars offer special discounts on certain class of food.

How to make spicy Chicken Tikka Massala

Chicken Tikka MassalaWhen you visit the most fabulous chill out bars in Singapore, the spicy Chicken Tikka Masala would be an ideal dish to order along with your favorite drinks. The fabulous ingredients used to make this dish, especially the combination of yogurt and chicken, make it extremely yummy. When you choose the best bars to host corporate gatherings Singapore, make sure you add this dish to the food menu if you want to impress your guests. The dish is quite popular in South Asia and UK and if you haven’t tried it yet, the restaurants in Singapore would be an ideal place to do it. You can also make it at home. Here are the steps involved.

You need chicken breasts, yogurt, tomatoes, curry sauce, single cream, ginger, olive oil, garlic, red chilies, cream, and onion. You will also need half a tablespoon each of turmeric, paprika, salt, ground cumin, ground coriander, and tomato sauce. First of all, you need to mix the curry sauce and yogurt in a bowl and then add chicken pieces to it. Make sure that the ingredients are mixed well. Now place it inside the refrigerator for at least two hours. Meanwhile, mix together the tomatoes, ginger, garlic, and cream in a bowl. Take the chicken out of the refrigerator and bake it in an oven for about ten minutes. While you do this, heat oil in a pan and add onions until it turns golden-brown. You should then add the chilies, paprika, salt, ground cumin, coriander, and tomato sauce to the pan and stir for a minute. Now take the chicken pieces out of the oven and put it in the pan. Fry the chicken for about five minutes. Now take the ingredients that were placed in the bowl earlier and add it to the pan and cook for about five minutes. You should then add a cup of water and cook for another minute. The tasty Chicken Tikka Masala that is available at the top restaurants and bars Singapore is now ready to serve. You should garnish the dish with coriander leaves before taking it to the table. It tastes best when you have it with rice delicacies.

Experience the Fun and Relaxation in Singapore Bars and Clubs.

nightlife in SingaporeDuring a typical night out in Singapore, many people choose night clubs for a crazy night, a lounge for relaxed conversation or a sports bar for a cheerful time. But how can someone spend a night drinking but in a slightly more sophisticated environment? By spending a night in the blues or jazz bars in Singapore. It is a great alternative to the usual nights and the live music is the featured aspect. It could be argued that these types are the best bars in Singapore.

In regards to the layout, large, comfortable chairs, dark lighting and great speakers are usually utilized. It allows for a calm environment where mingling is made easier and love for jazz and the blues is shared among one another. The interior design in most bars is stylish and modern and with well dressed and good serving bar tenders. Most bars are designed for indoors with one notable bar having an outdoor theme.

The musicians are the ones who make or break the place. The majority have incredible talent and are waiting to be discovered. The range of talent is slightly predictable depending on the bar that is attended – the snazzier bars will spend more on talent whereas a much more casual bar will spend less. All in all, good music will be offered in every blues or jazz bar you choose. While not an extremely upbeat place to spend an evening, these bars do contribute to the nightlife in Singapore, adding an alternate flavour to the choices available.

There are many notable bars throughout Singapore and if you are a tourist in the area and end up in one, always keep an open mind as there will be something done slightly different than your normal way.

Singapore Alfresco Bars: A Perfect Spot to Enjoy Singapore’s Spectacular Skyline


Credits to internet that one gets to know so much about a place in spite of visiting there. Isn’t it? Well, why don’t we make the best of this and look at the best way to behold the mesmeric view of prepossessing realm of the city.

No doubt, you would have heard that Singapore is a home to some breathtaking views, which are specially to be enjoyed at the night when the moon light and sprinkle of stars festoon the semblance. No doubt, the day time too is worth enjoying when the cool breeze makes the hair flew in the air and the refreshes the face. Nonetheless, do you exactly know how to revel in or feel the essence of nightlife in Singapore? Yes, there are several like you in Singapore, who have yet not got the pleasure of enjoying this hypnotizing emotion. So, get up, it’s time to live, breathe, and enjoy your town and its blessed moments.

What’s the best way to explore Singapore’s Skyline? Let’s check out:

There are several alfresco bars in Singapore, which have made perfect arrangement for you to enjoy the compelling picturesque sights of the city. Yes, which means alfresco bars are one of the best ways, where one can cherish the beauty of the city.

What can you do at alfresco bars?

Marina Bay is one of the places famous for several picturesque moments. You would get several happening clubs & bars in Singapore (Marina Bay) to feel the beauty of place. But that’s not all, there is much more:

Dine with your love or colleague: Be it your client or the love of life, alfresco bars are perfect for you. There are several alfresco cum corporate bars at Marina Bay, and other places in Singapore, where you can dine the delicious servings along with enjoying 360-degree view of the breathtaking skyline.

Host get together: Here, you can also organize a get together with friends or family and spend quality time along with dining & drinking under spectacular aura.

Spend personal time: At times, when one feels to be with himself then visiting at the roof-top bars is perfect idea. Just order a chilling drink for yourself and enjoy the ambience and nature.

How to enjoy the nightlife in Singapore

ImageWhen you go on a vacation, you would want to enjoy each and every moment to the fullest. You would want to drink to glory, shake a leg to the most vibrant tunes and go to bed after enjoying to the max. Singapore provides you with all the fun you want in the world. There are amazing places in the country where you can mix with a huge crowd and enjoy a gala time. If you are new to the country, you might not be aware of the fantastic nightlife in Singapore. Once you stay for a couple of days, you will be able to understand the scope for fun available in this Asian country. Here are some of the best ways to enjoy nightlife in the country.

The whiskey bars

The whisky bars in Singapore are places where the fun never stops. You can enjoy top class drinks in the whisky bars. You will be able to spend a fabulous night when you visit a good bar with your friends. The ambience provided at most of the bars is excellent. The lighting and arrangement of furniture are carefully done to provide you with a cozy atmosphere. You will also be able to enjoy a tasty meal at the bars in the country. When you add ice cubes to a glass of whisky with soft music playing in the background, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the city if you are at a seaside bar. The lights in the ships halted in the port and that of the huge buildings will definitely be a treat to your eyes.

The electrifying pubs

There are plenty of pubs in the country where you get to enjoy with a huge lot of people. You will be able to dance all night to the tune of popular artists and make merry with a bunch of friends. You can even make new friends when you visit the most happening pubs in the country. The youngsters spend their time in these pubs and you will be able to enjoy the most modern tracks here. You will also be able to enjoy the fun created by popular DJs. The drinks served here are also excellent enough to provide you with a fun night. You will be able to dance and dance till you are tired. Not a minute spend here will you regret, for the fun offered in these electrifying


 pubs is simply amazing. If you are visiting Singapore, you should definitely include the most popular pubs in the city on your list of most important places to visit before you leave.

If you love partying, you should definitely search the web for night parties I the country. Depending on the date of your visit, you can easily get the tickets to the all night parties. Parties happen on a regular basis and hence you do not have to wait for special days to enjoy a night out partying in this country. The nightlife in Singapore bars at Marina Bay is amazing because of the parties happening here all through the year. By the time the sun sets in the country, the party time would just begin. You will be able to enjoy the dark hours of the night partying in this country.All night parties

Enjoy the feel of selecting best Singapore Bar

ImageSingapore is known for the fabulous night life and entertainment options. You will not leave the country unsatisfied if you are a foodie who also loves to party a lot. There are many restaurants in the country that serve variety cuisines. You can try delicacies from different parts of the globe when you visit this country. The bars in the country are packed with entertainment options. You will be able to enjoy a gala time when you visit bars in Singapore. Since there are bars in every nook and corner of the country, you might not be able to choose one easily. Let us try and make this job easier for you.

Availability of drinks

When you enter a bar, the most important requirement of yours would be to enjoy the best drinks available in the country. You would want to enjoy a warm evening with your close friends or special ones. In order to do this in the best manner possible, the pub that you choose must provide you with wide varieties of cocktails and mocktails. If you are accompanied by friends who do not prefer alcoholic drinks, you should make sure that the pub or bar that you choose provide enough non alcoholic beverage options too.

Food options

When you enjoy your drinks, you would want to much few snacks too. You might even want to enjoy your dinner from the same place after few appetizer drinks. Select a good bar in the country that has the best food menu to make your outing memorable. There are plenty of sports bars in Singapore where the food served is mouth watering. The drinks are good too and you will be able to enjoy a great time in such bars. Hence, search for bars that provide you with wide variety of delicacies from across the world. Some of these bars even provide you with great food options like Spanish, Chinese and Mexican cuisines.

The ambience

The ambience is definitely important when you enjoy few drinks with your friends. The music, the lighting and the arrangement of Imagetables matter a lot in providing you with a great ambience. Look for the time out sports bars in Singapore to enjoy a real great time with your close ones. You will be able to make merry all night in such bars enjoying your favorite drinks. When you browse through the web, you will be able to understand the most popular names of bars in the country where the ambience is laudable. If the ambience is excellent, you will be able to enjoy the evening to the maximum. If you are planning to conduct a corporate event in the country, you should try out various bars well in advance to choose the best one. When you do this, you will be able to take your guests to the best places.

All these tips will help you to choose the best bars in the country. You will be able to go back home with some amazing memories, when you choose a good bar to enjoy to drinks.