What is a good Gangnam Kimchi Pork recipe?

Gangnam Kimchi Pork The availability of amazing varieties of cuisines is one of the major factors that make Singapore a popular tourist destination. You can order cuisines from all over the world during your visit to the island nation. You will be able to enjoy the most satisfying meals during your trip to the country enjoying all sorts of flavors. You will be able to order quite a lot of meat based delicacies cooked in different styles during your trip to Singapore. The Gangnan Kimchi Pork is one of the most tasty meat delicacies that are available in the country. This is a dish that is cooked in the traditional Korean style, and will help you enjoy your dinner like never before. It is also one of the major dishes served at the bars in cbd Singapore because it goes really well with whisky and cocktails. When you visit the sports bars in Singapore with your friends, Gangnam Kimchi Pork recipe is one of the best dishes to try out.

The major reason that makes the dish a standout is the way it is cooked. It is cooked using charcoals on the table and will provide you with the similar experience that you usually experience while ordering sizzlers. You will be able to enjoy the experience of getting it served on your table if you visit a fabulous Korean restaurant while setting out to enjoy the nightlife in Singapore. The dish is also quite unique because of the way the ingredients are mixed to provide a delectable flavor.

Garlic, ginger, chili powder, caster sugar, sesame oil, and pepper powder, 2tsp each are needed to prepare the dish. You also need about 500g pork which is sliced into small pieces. The ingredients are all mixed together in a bowl first. Small cuts are made on the pork pieces and then the mixed ingredients are applied on it. The marinated pork should not be used to prepare the dish immediately. You should refrigerate the pork for about 4 hours. Then the pork is cooked in a frying pan until it turns brown in color and then transferred to the serving plate.

Best ways to enjoy a weekend get-together with friends in Singapore

restaurant bars in SingaporeSingapore is a great place to meet your business needs. The country is also a great place to relax and refresh your minds. The busy nation stops by to enjoy during the weekends. There are plenty of places where you can spend your time to enjoy with your dear ones during the weekends. If you are a person who is working in the country, you will definitely understand the need for a wonderful get-together with your friends during the weekends. It will help you to rejuvenate your cells and get prepared for the next week. Here are some of the best ways you can enjoy your time with friends during the weekends in the country.

Throw a surprise party

When your friends least expect it, throw a party. Make all the reservations without letting them know. You should however check your friends in a smart manner and make sure they have no other engagements during the weekend. Choose one of the outdoor restaurant bars in Singapore for the party to make it even more special. You can also throw a party at home if you have ample space to accommodate your friends. Order food from one of the reputed food courts in the country and have a fun time with your friends. Toast a drink to start off the event in style and have a jolly good time talking, watching videos and your favorite sports. You can also choose the best bar to watch sports in the country as a venue for the get-together. Watching your favorite team play along with your friends, sipping the fabulous drinks available will be a fun thing to do. Book at a table at one of the top sports bars in Singapore and invite your close friends to get all the fun started.

Visit Sentosa Islands

This is another way of enjoying your get-togethers with friends. Instead of sitting inside the four walls of a hotel room or some other place, move out and have some real fun. The Sentosa Islands in the country is one of the best places to enjoy with friends. You will be able to enjoy your time at the beaches, resorts, entertainment zones, restaurants and bars in the island when you are with friends. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of nature and the artistic architecture of the buildings alike when you are in Sentosa. The place has all the facilities needed to make your get-togethers splendid.

Go shopping

Since the country has plenty of shopping streets and malls, going on a shopping trip with friends would also be a great way to enjoy the weekends. You can take a stroll through the shopping streets in Orchard Road, Little India or Chinatown and engage in negotiations with the shopkeepers. Even if you do not want to buy anything, engaging in such activities is always fun when you are with a group of friends. You can also indulge in some serious shopping with friends if you prefer that at these places and get home amazing products at real low prices. For branded stuff, you can always check out the shopping malls.

When you are with your friends, a small get-together or trip to the Sentosa islands would be equally fun. Even if you are person who seldom go on shopping trips, you will love it when you are with a group of friends!

Experience the Fun and Relaxation in Singapore Bars and Clubs.

nightlife in SingaporeDuring a typical night out in Singapore, many people choose night clubs for a crazy night, a lounge for relaxed conversation or a sports bar for a cheerful time. But how can someone spend a night drinking but in a slightly more sophisticated environment? By spending a night in the blues or jazz bars in Singapore. It is a great alternative to the usual nights and the live music is the featured aspect. It could be argued that these types are the best bars in Singapore.

In regards to the layout, large, comfortable chairs, dark lighting and great speakers are usually utilized. It allows for a calm environment where mingling is made easier and love for jazz and the blues is shared among one another. The interior design in most bars is stylish and modern and with well dressed and good serving bar tenders. Most bars are designed for indoors with one notable bar having an outdoor theme.

The musicians are the ones who make or break the place. The majority have incredible talent and are waiting to be discovered. The range of talent is slightly predictable depending on the bar that is attended – the snazzier bars will spend more on talent whereas a much more casual bar will spend less. All in all, good music will be offered in every blues or jazz bar you choose. While not an extremely upbeat place to spend an evening, these bars do contribute to the nightlife in Singapore, adding an alternate flavour to the choices available.

There are many notable bars throughout Singapore and if you are a tourist in the area and end up in one, always keep an open mind as there will be something done slightly different than your normal way.

The Livelier Bars in Singapore

bars in SingaporeFrom a hectic commerce center throughout the daytime to a vivacious nightlife core till the crack of sunrise, Singapore never fails to assist its individuals relax once a protracted day at job or faculty. You’ll be able to enjoy Singapore nightlife bars that are terribly lively with several choices for one to select from on the way to pay the dark hours away. On a weekday, the majority prefers to simply hang around at bars in Singapore for one or two hours before heading home to rest and get ready for the next day. As many folks are getting conversant in this style, additional and additional bars started showing within the several areas of Singapore within the recent years, adapting totally different designs to cater to their target cluster.

Chill out bars in Singapore with a brewage in your hand and being attentive to the sound of jazz music whereas staying in a place with peaceful atmosphere are some things you do not have to be compelled to want for anymore! With the immense style of bars out there, being meticulous comes naturally. If you’re within the mood to simply chill together with your mates at a peaceful place, then you should not miss out aiming to the park on the East coast. On the shores at the South East part of Singapore, this beach provides you an array of selections on the way to pay the evening. With bars lined up on the beach at each few meters, you’d be spoilt by the alternative. Most of those bars additionally provide food, thus rest assured you will not go hungry.

When in Singapore, you’ll be able to have an ideal escape to relax and float into the imagined early days through genuine Chinese cooking with refined cooking Chill out bars in Singaporevictimizing best Chinese ingredients for a healthy vary of dishes. In grilled snacks, you can try Oyster Mushroom, Butto Mushroom and Enoki Mushroom which are very delicious. Again if you will go for cold dish, you should go for Marinated Black Fungus with Sprouts Chili Oil Marinated Curd Sheet.

Enjoying the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Singapore

Bouleavrd 10 Are you thinking where can you watch XXII Olympic Winter Games or 2014 Winter Olympics in Singapore? These days when the craze of Olympics can be seen everywhere, people are trying identify the alternatives where they can enjoy different matches. If you are one amongst them, who are looking forward to perfect alternative of watching the games with experience of watching live at the stadium, then sports bars are the destination for you.

Sports bars in Singapore promises beautiful experience, which is as good as the on-field action promises to be. With enormous arrangements & facilities, these bars prove to be good venue and give a feel as if you are watching it directly live.

Have a look at certain highlights of top most sports bars in Singapore to get into the sporty mood:

  • Shows live matches:

You do not have to feel bad for missing the winter Olympics games. You can enjoy your favorite game, without compromising with the field-like experience, at the sports bars. You can enjoy the games live at the bar, as different time out sports bars telecast them live at their restaurant bar.

  • Big screens & excellent sound system:

To make sure that you get the best experience, the management at the ba

r has made proper arrangements for watching the 2014 winter Olympics at the sports bars in Singapore. Not just several big screens, but the sound system is also amazing. The complete arrangement gives field like feel to enjoy the games.

    • Happy hours & special drink deals:blvd13


The bars have maintained their standards in serving food & drinks. At several venues to enjoy sports, you can notice different offers, out of which extended happy hours & special drink deals in common. You can enjoy the delicious serving and taste the best drinks at the bar along with enjoying your favorite game.

These are few out of countless good points about sports bars in Singapore. So, what’s the wait for? Hurry up and rush to your favorite or most popular sports bar in Singapore.

Restaurant bars in Singapore: the best place to be for a vacation

boulevard5Singapore continues to attract visitors from all corners of the world thanks to its established facilities as far as tourism is concerned. These facilities have played and continue to play a big role in making sure Singapore remains top in the list of the most favorite tourist destinations in the minds of many people as well as in different world ratings. And, it is like the local there have also discovered this secret and that is where there is also a booming business in putting up more and more Alfresco bars in Singapore. Most of them are doing this in partnership with international investors in order to not only give them that international association but also as a marketing strategy. That is, help in bringing more international visitors to such joints. It is argued that such joints usually bring in more tourists than any other sector of tourism in Singapore. That is because of the kind of experiences that people get there.

On the other hand, the location of these bars and restaurants makes it appropriate and convenient for many people who are usually looking for something or somewhere away from the daily bustle of the cities. Some are located far from the city but with excellent transport networks and therefore, you will not need to worry as far as getting there is concerned. In addition, they are simply the places to be either during the day or even at night. There is what has come to be known as bight life in these bars and restaurants, all tailored to give the visitors awesome experiences regardless of the pockets. That is because, if in any case, you don’t want to drink for one reason or the other, you can simply take long walks down the Singapore River and have amazing experience there without worrying about your security. The breeze there will definitely leave you wanting to stay like forever. However, for those who love drinking, there are seveHÔTEL NOVOTEL SINGAPORE CLARKE QUAY-5993ral bars where you can have your drink. There are many restaurant bars in Singapores whereby, after having your dinner, you can choose to have one or two drinks. Preferably, you can change the climate of the place where you had your dinner and go to another joint where you will equally get to meet other friends and chat while having your drink.

Some of the already established restaurant bars in this country include, Jewel Box which is situated in Mt Faber and famous with couples dining, Sky Dining which is also popular with romantic dinners among couples, Alkaff Mansion which is a luxury bungalow where you can check in and have some exciting moments while having your food and listening to cool music and One Fullerton, a joint located near Esplanade and equally known for its romantic dinners to mention but a few. These are just a few among the many world class restaurants and bars that you can book into in Singapore and be guaranteed of wonderful experiences.

Important notes about bars in Singapore

For tourists who are funImage and night life lovers, Singapore is definitely the place to be. Singapore is indeed a hub of night bars and restaurants where tourists can reel away the night. Businessmen love Singapore because there are many bars that are particularly suited to holding of corporate events. In such bars, the service is personalized and the background music is soft and welcoming. Boulevard is one of the popular bars in Singapore where businessmen can discuss business matters as they take a glass of wine or beer. The bar has outlets that are close to financial amenities and businessmen do not have trouble accessing 24 hour banking services. As we all know, Singapore is a business and investment hub in Asia. Many businessmen from Asia, Europe and America love Singapore as a destination to hold business talks or major corporate events .It is not surprising to find a European or American product being launched at a corporate bar in Singapore. In most corporate Singaporean bars, you will not find young fun loving people but instead you will find entrepreneurs looking to strike business deals. In other words, in as much as the venue is a bar, you will find more of business strategy discussions as opposed to binge drinking. In most situations you will find people having a mature talk over a glass of wine and no one really drinks to get drunk.

Bars in Singapore run for 24 hours but it is during the night when there is much activity. Under normal circumstances, you will find young tourists dancing the night away in local pubs and others drinking heavily. Those who run bars in Singapore do indeed acknowledge that there is a lot of business especially from tourists. Close to the loud noisy bars, you will also find a lot of car rental and taxi services as well as many lounges. For those tourists who love gambling, there are also plenty of casinos inside the bars where you can win some or loose some. You will also find plenty of other games like poker and pool which will thrill you to the full. There are also some bars where there is adult entertainment like table dance where you watch half naked girls dancing on top of a table as you sip your drink. It is highly recommended that you do not come along with your children when coming to such bars that are known to offer adult entertainment.Image

One of the biggest fears experienced by tourists touring foreign countries is the availability of security particularly during the nights. In Singapore, this should never be a concern since there are a lot of security officers to protect both tourists and citizens alike especially around bars and other entertainment joints.

Tips on dressing for the Nightlife in Singapore


To experience the nightlife in Singapore, you not only look out for the best hang outs rather want to look perfect according to the occasion, especially if you are a tourist. Tourists come to this place to enjoy every bit here and in sake of getting everything better they forget to be stylish as according to the requirement. Whether you are going to hang out for a movie, or going to discover the coolest destinations, or going for some event, or want to enjoy after hectic schedule in whisky bars in Singapore, for all aspects the essential part is to look out for your way of dressing. Nightlife in Singapore is known to have fun and enjoy each moment that it delivers, but in this enjoyment the main aspect is this that you should look different and out of the crowd. For this, here are some of the tips that will help, when it comes to dressing:

• Match with the theme
While planning for the dressing in Singapore, it is important that you get dressed up according to the theme of the venue where you are going. While dressing or planning for the dresses, make sure that you are comfortable and easy in that dress. Most of the people wear dresses that look fashionable but in sake of fashion, they forget to look upon the side of comfort. No matter if you are going to enjoy the nightlife in Singapore, it is important that you match with the theme and also without compromising on your comfort zone.

•    Check out if there is any dress code
Anytime you go out to a place for a special event, it is important to know if there is any dress code or not. If suppose you are going to visit one of the bars, where some huge event has to take place at night, then surely you must check with the owners or known people about the dress code. Because most of the times, it happens that some occasions have the dress code and in such events if you are not dressed up accordingly, then you feel embarrassed and it may ruin your time.

•    Wear sunglasses at nightImage
Covering your eyes with the sunglasses will surely add on spark to enjoy the nightlife. If you are in bar or at some festival going in the dark, or going for the bar to celebrate some of the festivity, sunglasses will help you in matching the mood with fantasy, make you look fashionable, glitzy and match you with the occasion.

Are You Visiting Singapore Bar For Your Next Party?

ImageIf you are planning the venue for your next party, Singapore bars can be the best opt that can add special elements to your day & make it memorable. Nightlife in Singapore has developed and spread its wings, to bring out the spirit of fun & make the partyholics enjoy every moment. Bars are the most happening destination not only for the people residing here but also for the tourists and the foreigners. Be it young or the medium aged person, everyone will get reasons to smile & get entertained.

Here are some of the tips that you have to keep in mind before arranging the party in bar:

Decoration: The first thing, which the guests notice, is the arrangement. If the decoration part is well organized, the festivity gets enhanced. Bars decoration is mostly judged by its lighting. If you are planning and arranging any type of theme for the function, the best way is to focus on lighting part. This completely depends on how you want to beautify the place. Theme selection should be done in such a way that it becomes the center of attraction hold & pleases the eyes of the guests.

Music: The next thing is the tuning of your gathering. Nowadays without grooving playlist, the celebration looks incomplete and dull. Young people specially come to the restaurants, as they believe that stress can be reduced by getting on the dance floor. Music should be such, which allows the people to get tangled on the dance floor. You can ask DJ about the subject so that songs match the event.

Drinks: The other important factor to increase the level of the grand day is to add on the menu for the drinks. Include the variety in cocktails and mocktails by which the visitors will get glued to your event. Singapore is known and famous for its nightlife, people need refreshment and methods to be free from the worries. Add on volume to the menu with international beers, premium martini, shooters, high class wines, etc.

Food: The other main aspect to keep in mind is Imagethe type of food you are going to arrange for the party. This is another important part while arranging for the gathering. The specialty of the restaurants lies in their food and this is the belief that if the foodstuff is good then your event gets remark naturally. The function is complete with the tempting food which ends your event successfully.

Have you heard of Singapore’s Nightlife?

ImageWell if you haven’t heard of it then it’s high time that you get to hear about this nightlife. It is only in Singapore where the city is normally a business place during the day and an entertainment zone during the night. This is what is called the nightlife in Singapore. There are so many restaurants, bars as well as night clubs where you can just go and unwind after a busy day of work or touring the city. Clubbing in this city is a very thrilling experience because the bars and clubs offer the best sort of environment for this sort of activity. There are so many bars in Singapore that you are normally left wondering just where to unwind after a hard day’s work.

Some of the best bars in Singapore include the Singapore Boulevard, Sling Raffles, The Pump room, City Space bar, and 1-Attitude just to mention a few. Boulevard is one of the most loved bars for its different themes. The three gastronomy bars in different locations of the city are popular among the people of different age groups. The raffles bar is well known for the great cocktails that are made by only the best bartenders around. Here you get to have a taste of wonderful cocktail as you listen to great music playing in the background. 1-Attitude on the other hand is well known for the serene environment and the great live sports. This bar is great for the sports lovers and also for those people who just love great entertainment. City space bar is also famous for not only great cocktails but also the great entertainment.

Apart from these, there are many other numerous bars and clubs that you can visit depending on the type of entertainment you wish to have. The most amazing part about the nightlife in Singapore is that it has the ability to make even the duImagellest night to come alive. You can even go to different bars in one night just to get to experience diversity. The bars, restaurants and clubs are so many that you can get a bar at every corner you make. Most of these bars are also not very restrictive in terms of dress code or payment. They are very cheap, affordable and entertaining for people of different age groups.